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One of Europe’s most photographed tourist attractions, the giant ‘Iamsterdam’ letters which previously stood in front of the Dutch capital’s world-famous Rijksmuseum, was brought back today by Greenpeace Netherlands as ‘Iamazonia’. The 22m x 3 m high replica sign aims to draw attention to another landmark vital to our survival which is disappearing in front of our eyes: the Amazon rainforest.

Sigrid Deters, forest and biodiversity campaigner at Greenpeace Netherlands said: “It’s only when something is gone, that we realise how much we miss it. Our capital city’s iconic ‘Iamsterdam’ sign, set in front of the Rijksmuseum, drew the admiration and camera lenses of millions of people worldwide. By bringing it back in altered state as ‘Iamazonia’, Greenpeace not only calls for the urgent protection of the largest remaining rainforest in the world, but also sends a strong message of solidarity to the Indigenous People and traditional communities who are protecting the Amazon against deforestation.”