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All eyes on the Amazon is going to work in the following areas:


The Turiaçu and Araribóia Indigenous Lands Mosaic is located in the frontier between the states of Maranhão and Pará, in the Brazilian Amazon. With 1.9 M hectares this territory is managed by almost 11,000 indigenous people. Lack of law enforcement, illegal logging, fishing, hunting, mining as well as large scale infrastructure project (e.g. roads, railways) and agribusiness are important treats to people and forest of this area.
The two other selected areas are the Lago Grande Agroextractive Reserve (LGAR), located in the western region of state of Pará, with an area of 250,000 hectares and almost 6,600 inhabitants. And the Karipuna Indigenous Land, a territory of 153,000 hectares located in the state of Rondônia and inhabited by 58 people.


In Ecuador three areas are selected: in the North of Ecuador an area of 1M hectare with a population of 60.000 Indigenous People; in the territory of the Waorani an area of 1M hectare where 5,000 Waorani Indigenous People live; and in the south of Ecuador, in Confenaie, an area of 0,8M hecatare.


In Peru two areas of each 850,000 hectare have been selected: the Amarakaeri area in the South of Peru with a population of 1,400 Indigenous People, and the Putumayo & Yaguas area in the North of Peru with 1,150 Indigenous People.