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What would you do if your community is in danger? 44 women from 9 indigenous nationalities gathered in the Brazilian state of Maranhão to officially establish the Indigenous Women Group.

Por mim, por nós e pelas outras: nemhum direito a menos / For me, for us and for everyone: no right should be worth any less

The women are united in their concern about losing the Amazon rainforest, which is not only their home but also crucial in combating climate change. The meeting took place from 11-14 June. The women discussed how climate change affects their way of life. Wisdom and experiences were shared so the women can plan coordinated action to stop the destruction of their lands. 

Indigenous women play an essential role in Latin America in defending individual and collective rights and in the continuity of culture, language and spirituality. We promote the participation of indigenous women and support the discussion of public policies aimed at indigenous women in decision-making spaces, especially related to the management of environmental, territorial and natural protection of the Amazon.