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On 8 March 2018 a delegation of two leaders of the Karipuna Indigenous People visited the Brazilian capital Brasilia to meet several federal authorities. With the support of CIMI, local partner in All eyes on the Amazon, they also met the Brazilian Minister of Justice to report illegal logging on their indigenous lands. It was first time the Karipuna were received by Brazilian national authorities. The Karipuna took a map that was showing the destruction and the land that is being sold off by illegal land sellers.

The Karipuna Indigenous people were ‘contacted’ by non-indigenous people only 40 years ago for the first time. Like so many Indigenous Peoples they were threatened and killed for economic purposes (farm land, logging, roads, railways) up to a point that only a handful of them survived. The Karipuna had to flee their lands until the Brazilian government officially recognized a patch of forest as their territory in 1996. At this moment only 22 Karipuna live in their territory in the village of Panaroma, the other 36 remaining members live in other villages in Rondônia.

The main problems the Karipuna are facing are illegal logging, illegal invasion (land stealing, farmers, miners, and fishermen) and the absence of state agencies who have the obligation to protect the land of the Indigenous Peoples. Funai, the primary agency responsible for the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil, is practically not present in the area because their budget has been reduced. The missing will of the government to do anything against the illegal invasion, has left the Karipuna alone.

Shortly after their visit to Brasília, the Prosecutor General send a legal order to the Government of the province of Rondônia to take action and measures to stop deforestation.

See the website of the ministry here.