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All eyes on the Amazon is delighted to receive 1 million euros in funding from the Swedish Postcode Foundation. With the funding, the program will be able to protect 1M hectares in the Amazon in Peru and Ecuador, where the Kichwas and Siekopai people live.

The key to sustainable protection of the forest is in the hands of the indigenous communities. Their young people could protect the forests using the latest technologies, but they are often forced to migrate to the cities for work. Through All eyes on the Amazon, 50 young indigenous leaders will be trained in Natural Resources Management and Climate Change, to be able to defend their territories effectively.

Women’s participation in protecting the forest is currently quite low. All eyes on the Amazon aims to increase participation of 60 women in developing forest management plans and monitoring their forests.

“Climate change affects the entire world and deforestation is increasingly adding to the problem, making the situation worse. Therefore, protecting and preserving a rainforest as big as the Amazon is crucial for the general public, not only because of preserving biodiversity, but also for the indigenous population in the area. We are therefore proud to support Stichting Hivos project which seeks to protect the Amazon by strengthening and educating young leaders within the indigenous population”, says Marie Dahllöf, Secretary General of the Swedish Postcode Foundation.