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COVID-19 pandemic has put into evidence how everything and everyone is connected. Racism and inequality, territorial and human rights violations, climate change and infectious diseases are linked, so we cannot tackle one without addressing the other. Deforestation in tropical places, for instance, is connected to global public health: 70% of emerging infectious diseases are originated by wildlife forced to find a new home, bringing them closer than ever to humans. It is evident that climate, environment and global health are interlinked and that the conservation of rainforests like the Amazon is pressing. 

Indigenous people and local communities in the Amazon understand the linkages between the planet’s health and human health; they are the guardians of the forest, playing a crucial role in its protection. We cannot fight for our planet, respond to global pandemics, stop climate change, fight for the very survival of the species diversity, put an end to social injustice, without standing for people, their voices and their rights.

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