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About All Eyes on the Amazon

We start our project in the Amazon forest. Because this is the largest rainforest in the world, and it is of unmeasurable value to the entire world. Our goal is to protect an ever-expanding network of intact forest areas. We selecteded 9 project locations together with local Indigenous federations in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

Our action plan

We are a coalition of Indigenous Peoples, research institutions, law enforcement, environmental and human rights organisations. Together we will stop deforestation and protect the rainforest and its inhabitants. We believe that the ability of citizens to influence decisions that affect them is not only essential for government accountability and a democratic society, but also for the future health of our planet.

Together with local communities and Indigenous Peoples we gather information about the destruction of the forest: analyzing satellite images, recording deforestation and violations with drones and smartphones, mapping the territory, video for evidence, as well as storing and presenting the information safely and effectively. We make full use of technological solutions to help defend the interests of the indigenous peoples. The images, maps and stories collected by local forest ranger teams are part of the power of this project. We also strategically employ all information and evidence gathered to bring about a structural change. Through lobby and awareness campaigns, and law enforcement.