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Our aim is to protect the Amazon rainforest
by defending the rights of Indigenous Peoples
and local communities

© Augusto Escribens (ECA Amarakaeri)

All Eyes on the Amazon

In the Amazon humans and environment are under pressure as never before. The exploration of natural resources such as timber, oil, minerals and expanding soy plantations for livestock production are an enormous threat for our planet.

Indigenous People and local communities living in the Amazon are the the guardians of the forest. They are on the frontlines, facing the powerful agricultural, mining and logging industries. With their knowledge, they are key to end the destruction of the rainforest and to protect it sustainably.

All eyes on the Amazon supports Indigenous People and local communities in their fight to keep their forest. It combines state-of-the-art-technology, such as satellites and drones, and local knowledge to detect deforestation, pollution and human rights violations, record it and eventually stop it.

Indigenous communities on the forefront
to protect the rainforest

© Augusto Escribens (ECA Amarakaeri)

Unique coalition

All eyes on the Amazon is run by Hivos and Greenpeace together with together with a coalition of eleven organizations working in the fields of Indigenous land rights, environmental protection, law enforcement, mapping and technology, global forest alerts, video and evidence training. 

All eyes on the Amazon has been made possible thanks to a contribution from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, the Swedish Postcode Foundation, and United Kingdom Postcode Planet Trust.

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